Ruta Napoleon 5 days

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Ruta Napoleon 5 days

Ruta Napoleon 5 days

Day 01 ° Thursday

> Nice

Arrival to Nice ° d

Welcome to Nice!  And when we are all together until 7 pm, we take welcome drinks and have dinner with many words! 

Day 03 ° Saturday

Gordes - Grenoble

160km ° 3h 12m ° b, l

Today you have also only good, better and best roads. After a nice breakfast, we drive to Baronnies National Park. From there to Vercoros National park. And we end our magnificent driving day after thousands of curves to awesome Grenoble!

Day 05 - Monday

Nice >

Departure day from Nice ° b

Time to say Merci Beaucoup and  Au Revoir to Mediterranean Alps! If you have not visited Nice and Monaco before, now you have a great possibility to stay in Nice for an extra night or two!

Day 02 - Friday

Nice - Gordes

167km ° 3h 12m ° b, l

We start our weekend ride with beautiful roads. Then we continue on more beautiful roads and end up to extremely beautiful roads and then we end our day with beautiful roads. In other words, we drive the Mediterranean Alps and the Grand Canyon of France, Canyon du Vernon! We eat and sleep in the picturesque Gordes! Voila! :)

Day 04 - Sunday

Grenoble - Nice

210km ° 3h 18m ° b, l

Our 3rd driving day is not more or less than the legendary Ruta Napoleon from end to end! The original Ruta Napoleon is from 1815! Napoleon did the route with 1200 men and in his maid was an intention to overthrow Louis the 18th. We do not overthrow anyone today, we simply enjoy the great Ruta Napoleon all the way to Nice!