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Cappadocia 10 days

Cappadocia 10 days

Cappadocia  10 days ° Turkey 

On this tour, you have some Pearls of Turkey... Cappadocia, Pamukkale, Ephesos... and naturally awesome roads with magnificent Mediterranean views!

Day 01 ° Saturday

Antalya - Kemer

Minibus ° 40km

​Arrival at Antalya and transfer to Kemer where we have a very nice villa for you! Welcome drinks at the pool and soon after that, you will your bikes! We bring them to the Villas and we do all the paperwork tonight so in the morning we are ready to ride! For dinner, there are many places to choose from within a short walking distance! You are your guest! :)

Day 03 ° Monday

Konya - Cappadocia

Bike ° 292km ° b,d

Today we drive to Cappadocia, which is one of Turkey’s magnificent nature destinations full of history! 

Before Cappadocia, we have 292 beautiful Highland kilometers. And if the group is interested we have time in the morning to visit Mevlana Cultural Center in Konya before we hit the road! In Cappadocia, we check in to a unique cave hotel! In the evening you will be our guest at an oriental Turkish night show with dinner!

Day 05 - Wednesday


Bike ° 653km ° b

Our longest riding day! But we have good roads with beautiful views, so it will not be any problem! And our destination today is not more or less than the world-famous Pamukkale with its white pools! In Pamukkale city center, there are several small local restaurants facing Pamukkale pools... and Pamukkale looks very nice with the colourfull evening lights! A great and inexpensive option for dinner!

Day 07 - Friday

Kusadasi - Kas

Bike ° 400km ° b,d

After Cappadocia and Pamukkale we have one more big highlight of Turkey! And that is today after breakfast, the ancient, 8000 years old Ephesos. One of Turkey's main cultural attractions! Ephesos we visit with a local guide... it's a must!

Around noon we will hit the road again for Kas. Lunch break in Cine, coffee break in unique Göcek, which is also a very posh and popular place to visit among yacht people... and voila, we are in the picturesque and unique city on Aegean Seashore, Kas!  There we will check in to the NESLISAH Yacht. Dinner on shore at the Smiley’s seafood restaurant. And yes, if you want to have some Samba and Ramba, the lively nightlife of Kas is just there... in a short walking distance! 

Day 09 - Sunday

Kastellorizo - Antalya

Bike ° 193km ° b

Sea breakfast on our Neslisah Yacht and to the road... very nice D400! So on our last driving day, we follow most of the day the magnificent Mediterranean coastline where you get easily a great driving picture or two. In Demre we have today's cultural stop and visit (Santa's) St. Nikola's birthplace and the historic church he founded. This church is also accepted by the Orthodox Church as a pilgrimage destination. Before we hit the road to Antalya, we visit shortly the ancient Myra! After returning bikes in Antalya, the evening is yours! 

Day 02 - Sunday

Kemer - Konya

Bike ° 350km ° b

Our first Turkish breakfast and then we hit the road! Our destination today is Konya, which is maybe the most conservative city in Turkey! What makes it interesting, is that It’s a pilgrimage destination for Sufis with important religious sights like Alleaddin Mosque from 12th-century! In the evening we visit the historical city center but in the morning we start with a beautiful coastal ride at  D400 to Kizilagaç! From there we drive up to the mountains with many curves and mountains front, back and on the sides! You will love it!

Day 04 - Tuesday


Balloon - Shoes - Taxi - Bike? :) ° b

Day off, it means also Cappadocia as you like! If you are an early bird, one great thing to do is a Balloon tour. It is wonderful, however, you need to get up 0430am! Balloon tour or not, we have a local Cappadocia guide to show you the places… it’s a big area and you get more out of it with a guide. But that said, you are very much free to stroll around with your own timetable if you want! There is also naturally a lot of shopping possibilities, but we do recommend shopping for later because Cappadocia is not the cheapest place if you want something bigger.  

Day 06 - Thursday

Pamukkale - Kusadasi

Bike ° 235km ° b

Today you have also a possibility to rise up when the sun is rising and fly over Pamukkale with a Hot Air Balloon! Small Pamukkale is a must also on foot, so after breakfast, we all take a barefoot walk to the white pools. 

Before noon we hit road… and surprise surprise, it will be a beautiful ride also today! Our first destination is Ödemis, where we will have an afternoon coffee or with Mustafa, who is the owner and artist of Akrep Custom Bike Garage! Most of the time there is some nice building project going on! 

Before Kusadasi we will have a stop at the local Handicraft Center which is also like an art gallery. This center is co-operating with the Ministry of Culture and Tourism and they are also teaching women from local villages carpet weaving! However, you are not obliged to buy anything, but want to show you local traditions… and some of the carpet weavers are real artists!

We will end our great day at Turkey’s Riviera, Kusadasi, which is of the shores of the Aegean Sea!

Day 08 - Saturday

Kas - Kastellorizo

Boat & Boot ° b,d

Holiday on Holiday! Breakfast at Smiley's, custom formalities and then we sail Greece, to Kastelorizo Island! 

In the afternoon you will change the big boat to a small boat! With the small one, you will experience to see the biggest blue cave in the Mediterranean sea.

Dinner will be at the Mavros Vangelis’ Athena Restaurant at very picturesque Kastellorizo :)

Day 10 - Monday


Minibus ° b

Depending on your departure time you will be transferred to the airport. If your flight allows time we will be glad to show a little Antalya, help with your shopping or what-so-ever you would decide to make until your departure time.